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Article provided by: Bostic Motors Inc.

M998 Turbo Kit

M998 Turbo Kit

Every known fact in the world has a mythical version. There seems to be plenty of myths about turbochargers because the technology is not as prevalent as that of the regular engine. This situation makes people create massive misconceptions about fuel mileage, performance, and safety. 

Our M998 turbo kit is an integral unit of the M998 Humvee. It is a complementary unit of the General Motors DDA 6.2 liter of V8 diesel. The engine generates a 150hp and has 3600rpm.

This original V8 vehicle offers versatility that outshines the legendary jeep. The latest GM engine offers many upgrades from the original version, such as lighting packages, a radio, and Bluetooth stereo, among other features. 

Myths of the M998 turbo kit

Turning off

Most people assume that it is impossible to turn off a turbocharged engine immediately. This case is because people would typically have to cool down turbochargers of racing cars with many fans.

A simple observation of a street in a top city will prove otherwise – many turbo cars are silent and safe by the roadside. The current technology has cooling systems that eliminate the need to let the turbo cool before turning off the car.


One common myth of turbochargers is that they cause eventual permanent damage to the engine. This case is not genuine for all engines, because an improper design of the motor will induce bad ECU programming. 

Additionally, turbo manufacturers like Bostic Motors Inc. test their turbo systems under extreme conditions. This setting allows us to offer clients the best performing units and legit warranty conditions.


Turbos are no longer only conducive for high horsepower fanatics. This myth could be the most common and misleading and explains why some Hummer owners avoid the M998 turbo kit. 

The truth is that automotive technology allows the displacement of at least three to four-cylinder engines. This mechanism balances the consumption of fuel and allows for a respectable performance rate. Consequentially, anyone can install an M998 turbo kit without the requirement of generating consistently high horsepower.


Another myth that requires dispelling is that the engine should have a much lower temperature if it undergoes inter-cooling. Hot air is not a problem for diesel engines; hence, one has to increase the power of the intercooler, to raise a higher loading.


Most inexperienced mechanics will warn you against installing a turbocharger to an aged engine. The truth is that installing one in a faulty and worn out engine will cause automatic failure.

Alternatively, others assume that a new engine cannot handle a turbocharger. A Hummer that is off the showroom is the best host of a Bostic Motors kit.


Turbochargers will hardly every cause your engine to blow up. They have a positive effect on the engine because the increased airflow contributes to faster cooling. The increased horsepower ranges from 25 to 50 percent. The package enhances the car’s longevity and drivability without unforeseen problems. One expects a good turbocharger to have exceptional performance for at least 600,000 km.


M998 Turbo Kit
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