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Here at Jamie's Driving School, we take pride in what we do and are proud of our many success stories, here are just some of the comments left by students who have passed with Jamie's Driving School:

Liam from Acklam says:

"Cheers for everything Jamie. Best instructor around and helped with my theory, practical and any problems along the way. Much appreciated mate."


Lee from Saltersgill says:

"I needed to get my driving licence to secure my job and make family life easier. Thanks to  Jamie for getting me through my driving test in such a short time. He's a brilliant instructor who got me through it as well as making me a safe and confident driver. I would recommend him to anybody of any age and my partner will be using him in the future. Once again a big thank you."


Amy from Acklam says:

"I would recommend Jamie to anyone who wants to learn to drive. He was a pleasure to learn with and helped me build my confidence up He is really friendly and easy to get on with. Thanks Jamie for everything."


Emily from Thornaby says:

"Big thanks to Jamie for getting me through my driving test. He's a great instructor who pushed me to be a safe and confident driver. Would recommend him to anybody of any age who wants to be the best and safest driver they can be."


David from Marton says:

"I am 51 years old and I was very nervous and apprehensive about learning to drive and was recommended to Jamie by a family friend. Jamie helped me through by driving theory which was a big hurdle for me. He gave me confidence to realise my potential and ambition to drive. I have just passed first time thanks to Jamie."


Mark from Stockton on Tees says:

"I absolutely cannot recommend Jamie high enough, especially to anyone, who like myself has come to driving later on in life.He puts you at ease from day one and instils confidence in your abilities even when you may have the occasional setback. Jamie's not one for wrapping you up in cotton wool, he sets the bar high, he is a motivator and challenges you continually to improve and develop your skills to become a better driver. He also has the knack of making you feel ten feet tall when you leave the car after a good lesson. The online theory website he gave me access to was an essential tool for helping me pass the theory test.Jamie likes to keep you on your toes during lessons with quick fire questions to keep the knowledge fresh in your mind.
What made Jamie the perfect teacher for me was his patient no nonsense approach, his great sense of humour and above all his superior knowledge of every aspect of driving. He equipped me with all the skills and knowledge necessary for me to pass with flying colours first time for both theory and practical test and I can honestly say it has changed my life, thanks Jamie."


Katie from Acklam says:

"I failed my driving test twice with another instructor and then I was recommended by a friend to go with Jamie's Driving School. He was friendly and made me feel at ease and I passed thanks to Jamie."


Rebecca from Acklam says:

"I would highly recommend Jamie to anyone that is looking to start driving. He was friendly and made me feel comfortable from my first lesson. Though I was very nervous, Jamie was there to offer me support both during and after my lessons. He was always very patient when I sometimes struggled with a new skill. He offered his personal experience and knowledge  of driving which helped me to improve my driving. Even now I have passed my test Jamie is still offering me support and advice whenever I need it."


Jonathan of Stockton says:

"My 1st time learning to drive with Jamie was amazing. I learnt step by step and was driving on all roads by the 2nd lesson. My confidence grew and I felt well prepared for the practical test. I recommend anyone to have lessons with Jamie as I was nervous yet I passed first time round. Jamie can help you pass first time if you work hard at it."


Tony from Middlesbrough says:

"Jamie is a really good driving instructor with excellent one to one skills who gave me confidence to take into my driving test."


Gary from Saltburn says:

"I was very nervous about learning to drive, but Jamie put me at ease straight away. He always had good practical advice and knowledge to improve my driving. With Jamie's help and patience I passed my test first time and would recommend him highly."


Chloe from Eston says:

“I first met Jamie after my first driving instructor decided to leave the profession and referred me to him. He was friendly and approachable from the outset and taught me everything I needed to know in order to pass both my theory and practical tests. His own skills at driving are second to none and along with his patience and approachability, he is the perfect driving instructor. I would recommend him to anyone looking to start driving”


Caroline from Ingleby Barwick says:

"Jamie has a highly professional approach in his teaching and offers great support throughout the lessons, both teaching the practical driving elements and also the theory and hazard perception. He understands that every learner is different and is more than willing to adopt different teaching styles to reflect your own way of learning. The great thing is that Jamie is always confident about your ability, even if you may not be, and pushes you to constantly better yourself, which is exactly what you need when you are learning to drive. Most importantly, I felt that the focus of Jamie's lessons were not in 'how to learn to pass the driving test', but to gain valuable skills that you will use throughout the rest of your driving life. The driving test was just a part of the learning curve that you need to take in order to be allowed to  drive independently. I even said on my test date that I know that I have the ability to drive competently, it's just ensuring I don't get nerves because I am being "examined." In fact, I really enjoyed my driving test as I thought of it as just another driving lesson!"


Lewis from Norton says:

"I started my lessons with Jamie in October, he gave a warm reception and taught the basics easily, he was constantly motivating and this lead on to me passing in three months, on my first test, without Jamie's excellent and understandable teaching I would not have been able to do this, you feel really welcome and confident with Jamie, I would advise anyone and everyone who wants to learn safely, with a top class instructor to learn with Jamie!"


Matt from Ormesby says:

"I really enjoyed learning to drive with Jamie, he was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Jamie to anyone who is learning to drive, he’s really passionate about what he does and how he goes about he’s work. Jamie was really friendly and had confidence in me from day one i couldn’t thank him enough for what he did for me."


Craig from Redcar says:

"I was 31 before I had ever drove and had no knowledge of driving at all. Jamie give me the confidence and belief that I could do it at a pace which suited me. He gave me great advice on the theory and on lessons and how to prepare for the practical test. Thanks to Jamie, I passed 1st time on both tests and would recommend anyone to use him when looking for a instructor, Thanks Jamie!!"


Yasser from Ingleby Barwick says:

"After failing with other driving instructors 5 times, I genuinely felt that driving wasn't for me. After my friend recommended Jamie to myself I instantly got on with him. I felt at ease straightaway with him. In a nut shell, Jamie is the best instructor you'll probably find. Not only is he professional, but he's got a top sense of humour, you'll ACTUALLY enjoy your lessons! Passed first time with him. Enough said. Learn with Jamie! Cheers mate! OVER THE MOON!"


Andy from Acklam says:

"I would recommend Jamie to anyone learning to drive as he is very easy to get along with and makes learning to drive a pleasure. Jamie filled me with confidence whilst driving and gave great advice along the way. Thanks to Jamie I passed first time."


James from Norton says:

"Jamie offers a highly professional teaching experience and understands that everyone is different when it comes to learning to drive. I’ve learnt a lot more than I thought I would about driving and the skills I have gained will stay with me for life. I was unsure about learning to drive but after a few lessons I had learnt all the basics and could see myself getting better. Thanks to Jamie I passed my driving test first time and I would recommend him to anyone who wants a top class teacher."


Emily from Norton says:

"I have always wanted to learn to drive ever since I turned 17 but was held back with college and funding. After college I got a job, my own house and settled down to start a family and driving seemed like a distant memory. Years passed and finally I decided now at 29 I need to accomplish my goal before I turned 30! It took me a good couple of weeks to even pick up the phone and book my lessons, I was that nervous about it. However, I'm glad I did and managed to break my nerves due to Jamie being so patient and friendly. I would like to thank Jamie for giving me the confidence to get behind the wheel and give me my freedom and to help me pass my test with just three minors! I would highly recommend Jamie to people who are wanting great results fast with high standards."


Noel from Coulby Newham says:

"I am 34 and have never drove before and to be honest thought I never would. Now I have passed, first time I can say its the best thing I have ever done, and its all down to Jamie's teaching, he is firm but fair and makes you feel at easy at all times hes a great teacher and im sure he will get you through first time too. I would recommend him to anyone, thanks again Jamie, all the best"


Saif from Middlesbrough says:

"I highly recommend Jamie to anyone wanting to learn to drive. He made me feel comfortable whilst I was learning and encouraged me to believe I was able to pass, which I did first time. He was extremely friendly too. Thanks For All Your Help."


Rachel from Acklam says:

"When I first started my driving lessons I thought I would be doing them forever, then I got recommended Jamie by a friend who had learnt and passed with him, so I switched instructors and I then started to really enjoy having my driving lessons and whenever I had one, he made it a really good experience for me to remember! Highly recommended! Thanks Jamie :-)"


Lee from Pallister Park says:

"I really enjoyed learning to drive with Jamie, he was a pleasure to learn with. I would recommend Jamie to anyone who is learning to drive, he’s really passionate about what he does and how he goes about his work. Jamie was really friendly and had confidence in me from day one, I couldn’t thank him enough for helping me to pass my test first time, great instructor."


Chris from Thornaby says:

"After been disqualified from driving for 3 years, i wanted an honest evaluation of my driving skills and how many lessons it would take to get me back up to pass standard. Jamie give me this and after 3 one hour lesssons i passed my test with just 1 minor fault. I would recommend anyone trying to regain there license after disqualification to contact Jamie."


Martin from Thorntree says:

"Thanks to Jamie, I am so happy now I've passed my test and can drive my Fiat punto. I love it. If anyone is going for lessons then Jamie is your man. Very easy going and friendly, I was so happy the day I passed. I hope that you have many more students that pass with you. I would recommend Jamie to anyone wanting to get on the road and learn to drive and thank you. I can hold my head up and say that Jamie helped me make it happen. Thank you so so much."


Josh from Park End says:

"Had a great time learning to drive with Jamie, was a great experience and driving has opened a lot of doors for me ie work and getting to places, also not relying on other people not just a great driving instructor but a good man. Thanks Jamie."


Carley from Linthorpe says:

"I've just passed my test first time, which I couldn't have done if i had not have had the help of Jamie Webb (Jamies driving school). He is an extrodinary teacher! He makes you feel at ease from the moment you sit in the car. He is very down to earth, also very honest as he lets the learner know their real mistakes. He talks to the learner as and when required and he definately boosted my confidence and made learning/driving a great experience. If you like to learn in a friendly and professional environment, I would definately recommend Jamie as an instructor. Keep up the awesome work and Thanks! :)"


Hannah from Acklam says:

"Learning to drive with Jamie was a great experience. He not only taught me how to drive, he also helped me build confidence within myself. I was really nervous when I first began to learn to drive but Jamie helped me feel comfortable on the roads. He is really professional, patient and is great dealing with inexperienced drivers. I would recommend him to anybody wanting to learn to drive. Thanks Jamie."


Vicky from Netherfields says:

"I would just like to say thank you. I was very impressed with my lessons with Jamie as I was a very nervous student but Jamie helped me massively and I passed first time with only 2 minors. I put in a lot of hard work with Jamie but he really wants you to succeed. I am recommending everyone I can to Jamie and will do in the future because if he passed me in as little lessons as he did, then he can pass anyone. Thank you Jamie"


Gaynor from Billingham says:

"I would recommend Jamie to anyone of any age who wants to learn to drive to a high standard. He is very friendly and a pleasure to work with."


Tom from Thornaby says:

"I learned the basics of driving with my dad, and then came to Jamie for professional tuition. He was friendly and motivational, ironing out bad habits I’d picked up and teaching me the skills needed to both pass my test and drive on my own. I passed first time with 2 minors, and I owe it all to Jamie. I would recommend him to anyone at any stage of learning to drive, as he is a great instructor."


A massive congratulations to all of our students who have passed their driving tests with the help of Jamie's Driving School, well done!!!

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